• Jihan Abdullah Dosen FTIK IAIN Palu


Academic ethics rate as a high values in Islamic intellectual traditions, it was indicates from Islamic ancient masterpieces, that many of them have a notion about integration between science and ethics. Both related each other and could not be divorced from other. The integration between academic ethic and Islamic intellectual activities in middle century of Islam simply noted in Islamic publicity like an autobiography of Ulama. Academic ethic regarded as a high reputation in such a way that motivated Islamic clergies to arranged a many books, depended on their competencies. In fact, academic ethics really inverse in Islamic century now.  A mass media, like news paper and communication media, inform us many negative values related with academic ethics. Fighting between students (tawuran) happened oftentimes used like a new tradition and not surprising among society especially in major cities in Indonesia. This fighting caused many victims, not only injured but death victims sometimes. In any case, teachers are involved in students fighting. Another news informed us about trafficking, drugs abuse, alcoholic consumptions are happened among academic environment, too.  This social phenomenon indicated that academic ethics are urgently required in our educational environment.

Kata kunci: Etika Pendidikan, Pemikiran, Ibn Jama’ah.