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Although Islamic education has undergone a very wide dynamic thinking, elements of moral education was not spared from the discussion of the study of Islamic education thinkers. Moral education itself became a kind of permanent element in the Islamic education system, at least in setting the curriculum and strengthening the vision and mission. Harun Nasution argued, moral education is a very significant pressure point in Islamic education, because it is one of the core teachings of the religion, as well as theological education and religious education. Contemporary Islamic thinkers mentioned above have a common vision of looking at moral education in the perspective of Islamic education. This can be seen from the opinion that the religious and moral education has a very close relationship. And that any form of human social interaction can not be separated from moral or ethical behavior. Based on the common vision, the ideals of contemporary Islamic thought emphasizes the importance of education underlies every form of education above the high moral building.

Kata Kunci: Pendidikan Moral, Pendidikan Islam