• Abdul Gafur Marzuki Dosen FTIK IAIN Palu


Learning English is directed to develop the pupils’ competency both in language skills and language components. Language skill consists of listening, speaking, reading, and writing while language component consist of vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. In teaching English, it cannot be separated one and other because all of them support each other. Among the four language skills and three components mentioned above, vocabulary is one of the most essential parts to be learnt since the aim of learning a language is to be able to communicate in the target language, and one of the best techniques in learning vocabulary is through pictures in the form of: (1) flashcards (small cards which we can hold up for the pupils to see), (2) large wall pictures (big enough for everyone to see detail), (3) cue cards (small cards which pupils use in pair or group work), (4) photograph or illustration.

Kata Kunci: Pengajaran, Kosakata, Gambar