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Paedagogia: Jurnal Pendidikan Volume 11 No. 1 2022

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Nyanuar Algiovan Need Analysis on Assessment Based E-Learning Platform in Reading Class for Vocational Students at East Lampung LoA
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Karen Benitez Academic Motivation Level and Attitude towards Social Studies among Public School Secondary Students in Zamboanga Sibugay Philippines LoA
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Richard Anietie;
Grace Phillips Ayonuwe
School Business Management Competencies for Improved Administrative Effectiveness in Public Secondary Schools In Rivers State Nigeria LoA
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Leonard Manuel The Effect of Technology Resources on College Sophomores' Reading Habits in Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College Philippines LoA
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Hengki Satrianta; Darmawansyah;
Linda Kahar
Student’s Readiness to Carry out Face-To-Face Learning at Kendari Vocational High School LoA
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Ilman Nafi'a;
Septi Gumiandari
Improving the Quality of Memorization of Al-Qur’an through the Implementation of Takrir Method in Islamic Boarding School Matholib as-Suluk Cirebon LoA
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Royal Owunna;
Alice Ajobi;
Amaefule Angala;
Fadero O. Emmanuel
The Relationship between Social Network Sites and Social Anxiety among Universiti Putra Malaysia Undergraduate Students. LoA
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Mohammad Djamil M Nur The Comparison between Students' Physics Learning Outcomes in Face To Face (Offline) and Online Learning Model LoA
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Syaefudin Achmad Digital Literacy as a Foundation for Religious Moderation Learning at Salatiga's Al-Hijrah Tingkir Islamic Boarding School LoA
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Lukman S Thahir The Philosophy of Contemporary Education and Its Implications for the Development of Islamic Education LoA
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